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Athletics is the biggest part of the Olympic games and had been since almost the inception. The event schedule hasn't changed much since 1952, but there were a total of 52 Men's events throughout those years, with only 24 of those on the current calendar. Some of the discontinued events included different lengths of Steeplechase, Hurdling, Racewalking, Team Racing and the Athletic Triathlon. The Triathlon consisted of a gymnastics competition that featured the long jump, shot put and a 100 meter dash. Standing jump competitions are no longer held in the Olympic Games at all.

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The current men's events include the dash events, from 100 meters all the way up to 10,000, comprising a total of seven events, as well as the Marathon, the 110 Meter Hurdles and the 400 Meter Hurdles, as well as a 3000 meter steeplechase. There are two relay events, the 4x 100 and 4 x 400 meters, and a 20 and 50 kilometer walk. Other Olympic events that are still being held are the Long Jump, Triple Jump, High Jump, Pole Vault and Shot Put, all in their 26th year in the competition. The Discus throw is also in its 26th year, and the Hammer Throw is celebrating 25th years in the Olympics. There are also the Javelin throw and the Decathlon.

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The women's events have nearly the same line-up with a few differences, such as the inclusion of the Heptathlon, and eight dash events instead of seven. The United States has a total of 311 Gold Medals from Athletics, while the Soviet Union is in number two on the rankings with just 64, a huge difference. Great Britain is number three with 49 and Finland is right on their tail in the number four stop with 48 Gold Medals. If you want to watch all the athletics events this year, at the Olympics and in regular competition then click on the links on this page to get your membership and don't miss the exciting new season of Athletics, right here on Live Sports Event.

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Posted: 27th June 2009

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