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If you are a Badminton fan you'll be delighted to know that we'll carry all of the Badminton World Federation competitions right here for you to watch live. You'll be right there on the side of the court for all of the Badminton Asia Confederation, Badminton Confederation of Africa, Badminton Pan Am, and Badminton Europe and Badminton Oceania events, all under the Flag of the BWF.

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At the end of the season the men compete in the Thomas Cup and the women's battle it out in thier final compeition – the Uber Cup. The competitions happen once every two years, and 2010 is the next tournament year. The finals consist of 12 teams, which is cut down from 50 as players qualify and get dropped from the schedule. You'll also be able to catch the Sudirman Cup – the mixed team event that started in 1989. 

Badminton has been an Olympic Sport since 1992, when it premiered at the Summer Olympics in Barcelona, Spain. The top thirty two players in the world compete in the Olympic Competition, with three players from each country. In the BWF Championships, the format remains the same with 3 players submitted from each country. You'll also be able to watch the newest Badminton Tournament started by the BWF, the BWF Super Series, which has only been played since 2007.

Don't miss all of the Badminton action live right here at We'll have high definition feeds and live streaming action, with complete recordable capabilities to watch the games over and over. Don't miss this year's Badminton action – so sign up for your membership today! The Badminton World Federation competitions are going to happen this year once again and has all the badminton court happenings you could want. If you want to see this Olympic Sport played live in competitions throughout the world you can watch in high def, with live streams and feeds directly from the event all throughout the 2009 Badminton Season.

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Watch the finals of Badminton in 2009, as twelve teams compete for the finals in the Badminton World Federation Championships. If you want to see live streams and high def feeds from these events then your number one site for everything Badminton is Don't miss the 2009 Badminton Season. As the 2009 Badminton Season opens, the BWF will be hosting events all throughout the year, at all the major championships throughout the world. Don't miss the Badminton Championships this year, as you can watch them live with broadband feeds and high def streams from

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Posted: 1st June 2009

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