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There is a table in every bar, and in many homes, but competitive billiards is also a major sport in many countries. You can watch all of the billiard events here including all of the nine-ball, snooker, three-cushion and eight-ball games, with live streams and the best quality feeds right here on 

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The most recent major championship was The National Billiards Championships preliminary rounds, which was on May 10th 2009 at the Carlow Snooker Club. The big news was Eugene Hughes, making a return to the game to defend his title. Hughes received a bye to the quarter-final and took the game from Darren Ryan easily, pitting veteran against newcomer. Larry Drennen won his match in the quarter-finals against Joe Doheny, Aiden Murray beat Phil Martin and Tim Murphy beat Joe Doheny.

 As we move on to the Semi final, it was Eugene Hughes and Timmy Murphy with Hughes taking the game 650 to 471 while Aidan Murray won his games against Larry Drennan 650 to 436. This means that Eugene Hughes will face Aidan Murray on May 23rd at The Ivy Rooms Snooker Club, Carlow.

There are many other events that will be happening throughout the year in the world of competitive Billiards, and you can catch all of the live streaming games and high quality feeds right here with your membership. Sign up today for a year long schedule of competitive Billiards all throughout the season.  Billiards is alive and well in 2009, and your place to watch all of the competitive events is Don't miss this year's action, as Eugene Hughes faces Aiden Murray on May 23rd in Carlow. All of the billiard tournaments will be covered for you with live streams and feeds in the best quality possible for the 2009 season.

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All of the Billiards events this year can be found at Don't miss the next event after the NBC Preliminaries, as the best pool and billiards players in the world compete with cue in hand, attempting to run the table for points. It's the 2009 season for Billiards. Live Billiards is what is happening this year, with championships all year long. Watch as the best Billiard players in the world compete for money, points and the chance to move to the top of the rankings. All of your billiard action can be found at

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Posted: 1st June 2009

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