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Indoor volleyball is one of the most exciting Olympic sports and not only will you be able to watch the major competitions like the Olympics, but also the competitions along the way. We'll have all of the volleyball action throughout the year, with the best streams available on the internet, all live from the games. Sign up for your membership today and get full access to all of the men's and women's volleyball events throughout the season.

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Volleyball started at the Olympics in 1924. After the FIVB was started the sport became an official Olympic event in 1964. The World Volleyball Championship is another major event that takes place, with 24 teams in the finals and Brazil being the most recent champion for the men's, while Russian dominated the women's. The World Cup is a qualification event for the Olympic Games and was most recently played in 2007 where Brazil won for the Men and Italy won for the women's.

The World League is a men's only tournament with over $20 million dollars spread out to the winners over the season. Sixteen teams from five continents and it takes place every year. The World League hosted the 2008 final in Rio De Janeiro with the United States coming in first, Serbia second and Russia with third. The final this year will be in Belgrade, Serbia. In the 2008 Olympics the United States had the gold medal, and Brazil with the silver for the men while the women's ended with Brazil taking home a gold medal, and the United States with the silver. The Bronze was earned by China.

If you want to watch all of the Volleyball action this year get your membership and you can watch the live streams and feeds from the game from all the majors like the World League, the World Cup, The World Volleyball Championship and of course – the Olympic Games. The World League of Volleyball will pay out over $20 million dollars this year to champion players and you can watch these and all of the volleyball events from the professionals at Don't miss any volleyball this season as you can watch it live and in high quality with feeds and streams from the games, all the way up to the Olympic Games. 

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If you are a fan of volleyball then you'll want to watch all of the majors like the World League the World Cup and the World Volleyball Championships as well as the Olympic Games. All of the events can be viewed at Don't miss a minute of Volleyball action this season. For every volleyball event that a fan could want go to and catch all the action like the World Volleyball Championships, the World League, the World Cup and the Olympic games. The World League will pay out over $20 million dollars to champions and you can watch these games live, with high quality feeds and streams direct from the game.

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Posted: 1st June 2009

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