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Eddie Bains

"This site has every type of sporting event that a person could ask for. I'm watching stuff that I didn't even know I would like. I highly recommend this site to anyone that likes the sports that are kind of off the radar. "

Eddie Bains U.K.
Timo Dierdorf

"Hey, thanks so much for this web site. I really enjoy volley and Rugby and some of the other sports that you have here. I am glad for a place to watch them all. I appreciate the site being here on the internet."

Timo Dierdorf, Dusseldorf, Germany

"Hey I was trying to watch some Olympics type events and found your site. I signed up right away and now I got a whole year of watching some really cool sports events. I am a huge sprots buff and its awesome to find a site that caters to my needs. Craig, Illinois."

Craig, Illinois, USA

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